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The encounters I wish to avoid. And the good news is that it is possible.

In 1981, I got a notebook and labeled it with various tags. These included "Word Power," "Replay It," "Say What?" "Quick Take" and "Brand New World."

In the notebook, I listed all the new, unfamiliar and tricky words and phrases which I came across in my reading. As far as possible, I tried to use these "discoveries" in my own writing.

It was, and remains, one of the quickest ways of getting to know the meaning of words. It also helped me to memorize the meanings of the words and phrases so encountered.

LAKA Media and Communications CC is my way of sharing the many "possible" ways of improving English learning. On a larger scale, I believe corporate bodies can also use help in effectively communicating with their various publics.

Let me leave with a few laughs:


Clutching my Crutches!



IMG_1180Is that right? Is it correct? I have been spending time on the art of using crutches. For about two months now.

I was getting the hang of it, becoming more confident with each outing. I looked back to how I pitied anyone I saw using the crutches. I believed they must be a great source of pain.

I know better now. With a physiotherapist’s help, the addition and use of two legs is manageable; relatively painless. But, yes, it does involve a degree of inconvenience.

My bigger fight is with a friend who insists that I am calling my two additional legs wrongly. They are “clutches” he says. Are they?

As you take on this minor intrusion on your day, allow me, to share moments that I could not stop laughing over. I hope you will enjoy them.

Communication must always be right.


Life recited, experiences remembered, thoughts tell tales, word play, recreational writing, give feelings an thoughts an outlet, attempts at editing and proof reading. It's a WORKSHOP!

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