UnFollowing Friends, Revised Thoughts and Searching Again!

I fall quite easily for the new offerings availed by social networking sites. Without fail, I go through a very familiar routine now: answer friendship requests, access invitations relayed via LinkedIn and spend all my free time, trying to record the number of friends I have across the social media networks. Then the questions begin!

Why do I need all the friends? What things are common to us all? Can I honestly carry out intelligible conversations with all my friends? What if I revisited my friendship profiles and try to prune them? How much would I stand to lose?

And, as always happens, I am up early in the morning hours, studying the “connections” I have. In the quiet morning air, I ask which ones I really would like to keep. Let us agree every friendship has a strength and the power to enrich one’s life. I value each and every one of them for the different personality traits they possess. I benefit immensely from the varied fields they are qualified in. Yet, somebody has harshly observed that “some friends bring smiles by coming, others by leaving!”

Well, not much to do there. I have picked myself up many times over when in a response to a connection I am trying to make, I get the curt and haunting “I do not know this person.” I am not sure “I would like to get to know you well would help.” Accordingly, I recently decided to try a different place of meeting new friends. A dating site. Well, the site promised that it provides vast opportunities for “online friends.” And I believed it because it is continental, thus making the chances of ever meeting the friends quite remote. I, however, still have a problem.

I use a pseudonym. However, my picture and biographical information are “legit!” So too are the specifications I make of the friends I am looking for. I am looking at just “online friends.” Converse with them, ask about their days and weeks, and  wish them well in their future endeavours. If appropriate candidates had been found, some  it would have been most entertaining to share New Year’s resolutions. I know the dating site does provide room for people to explore short- or long-term relationships. Should things go well, that difficult word, marriage or lifetime commitment is also mentioned.