Measuring Instruments! Or, Just Measuring?

A friend asks “what would you do if you were not afraid?” I have not found time to answer him; maybe, I would go for bungee jumping. Just thoughts.

As indeed is this following piece. I find myself awake at 2:45 am on Saturday. Ordinarily, this is a day on which I would enjoy a more peaceful night. Once upon a time, it was possible to say that the end of the week meant a good bye to events of the week gone by. All of them! The stressful ones (particularly those), frustrating, fun-filled and successful ones. They would all become memories.

At worst, I would file the bygones under reminders (of things one wishes could be forgotten) and at best they would enter the lessons learnt file. But I am up at 0245 hours because my mind cannot escape a battery of thoughts on “measuring instruments.” Crazy, I know. But that is what it is. I do not know why this phrase in particular. But, as humanity is wont to do these days, I google the phrase “measuring instruments.” Perhaps, I will find an answer there.

My search yields over 8 million possible results in seconds! The first is rather interesting. It comes from an entry by PCE Instruments ( instruments.htm). I am enthused by the page summary which reads “exact measurement is an absolute must for everyone who wants to guarantee precise and first-class work.”

Then I encounter an eclectic mix of other results; from voltmeters, demo meters, sundial, clocks, watches, Mideast Times, Daily Political, action, monitoring, analysis, tomorrow’s instruments to various parameters. These are some of the responses to what I thought was a pointless phrase. My mind turns to re-calibration. That is surely some form of measuring as well.

I am still trying to find out why I should succumb to the phrase “measuring instruments.” As I look at the books which are on my bed, I remember the word wonk which is pronounced as wäNGk. I cannot even try that out on my own! However, I note that this is supposedly an informal or derogatory reference to a studious or hardworking person. I am relieved to find that the word can also be used for a person who takes an excessive interest in minor details of political policy. If I go back to measuring instruments, what would constitute minor details of political policy?

Political policy is defined as a course of action adopted and pursued by a government, ruler or political party. Political policy is said to be trending in the United States of America, Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia (and North Korea?), Pakistan, Spain, the United KingdomEdit and the world. After this, I seem to have an inkling of why measuring instruments disturbed my sleep. It may not be so nutty after all.

My radio has been playing at an appropriately low volume all this time. But I know that I heard the iconic and classical song   “We are the World.” It is not possible to forget its opening lines (my children can do a satisfactory sing-along even though the song predates all of them).

There comes a time when we heed a certain call

When the world must come together as one

There are people dying

And it’s time to lend a hand to life 

The greatest gift of all…..

I have lots of questions to consider, pose to you and take from you. What is it that needs to be measured? By whose standards, for what purpose? Which measuring instruments will do the job? Can they be trusted? I recently had time to listen to some heartbreaking stories by ordinary people from the Phillipines on the damage caused by climate change. This monster called climate change is real! However, the village folk  argued that the destruction visited upon their social and economic well-being is yet to form part of the many international conferences taking place on the subject.

I think there is need to revisit these and other occurrences all over the world if we agree that life is the greatest gift of all.