Loud thoughts in silence! Can we, shall we, ever see such times? When the words team, togetherness, unity of purpose, shared vision, et al, begin to live? And manifest in delightfully uplifting and unifying ways at our work places. On the field of sport. Indeed, through the vast expanse of our countries?

Factionalism? Camps? Tribal and Racial Groupings?Cliques? Whatever term is used sounds like plain old putrid hatred and jealousy to me. The sad failure to accept that in any team, each member has a unique contribution to make.

Examples exist in huge volumes of many well-intentioned experiments in team work, losing traction and veering off course. With massive costs. Reprisals,at times, later regretted. Hate poisons relationships. Defiles the attempts at building successful teams.

A political voice recently asked what should be done “about rich Africa, poor Africans.” Nothing new there. But the question is justified.

Suspicions kill so much (or, is it ALL) of the potential we have of leaving a better world for the next generations. Can’t escape my thoughts!

And the tune will not change in the foreseeable future.