Clutching my Crutches!



IMG_1180Is that right? Is it correct? I have been spending time on the art of using crutches. For about two months now.

I was getting the hang of it, becoming more confident with each outing. I looked back to how I pitied anyone I saw using the crutches. I believed they must be a great source of pain.

I know better now. With a physiotherapist’s help, the addition and use of two legs is manageable; relatively painless. But, yes, it does involve a degree of inconvenience.

My bigger fight is with a friend who insists that I am calling my two additional legs wrongly. They are “clutches” he says. Are they?

As you take on this minor intrusion on your day, allow me, to share moments that I could not stop laughing over. I hope you will enjoy them.

Communication must always be right.