Wordsmith(s) Available

Regardless of how good one’s photographic skills are, the undying push is always to get one better shot than the last. I look at images of Nature and sports photography. I marvel at how the human and technological frontiers are being pushed to the edge of the cliff, so to speak, in order to produce the most realistic and lasting moments on film. Movies – for so long the subject of “tomato sauce” – have similarly upped their game to produce ever more realistic renditions whether of fight scenes, vintage cowboy and other period dramas, road traffic accidents and autobiographical reproductions; everyone of them is taking extra care in order to be credible. To win audiences. To garner support. To be at the top of one’s game.

I would have liked to give the so-called red carpets a miss. I find them boring. But then again, how can I, when voices and camera flashes compete for attention as they seek to capture those on the red carpet? What I thought were ordinary, maybe even soporific moments, have been catapulted into moments of grandeur and immense rivalry. I must confess that I now do follow a few of the Shows, whether it be the Grammys, Emmys or Oscars.

But I reserve my greatest weakness for wordsmiths. They just have it! Come to think of it, most of the mentions I made above would not survive without good scripts. Much like a good photographer – the wordsmith, the one who plays with words, yes, he or she who weaves together unforgettable tales – is always seeking ways of getting a BETTER SHOT every time the challenge of finding and using the right words presents itself.


To enjoy my writing. To invite feedback. To challenge those who want to guest blog to do so. I believe this is one instance where many cooks actually IMPROVE the broth!





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Life recited, experiences remembered, thoughts tell tales, word play, recreational writing, give feelings an thoughts an outlet, attempts at editing and proof reading. It's a WORKSHOP!

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